164,400 families, 74% of those eligible have signed up for $40 daycare strike payments

Dec 19 2017, 12:00 pm

Many B.C. families with young children in public school are not waiting to take advantage of the provincial government’s offer of $40 per day to subsidize child daycare or tutoring programs for the duration of the ongoing teachers’ strike.

As of this morning, nearly three quarters of those families eligible for the provincial government’s subsidies have already registered for the program. That amounts to approximately 164,000 families and 225,000 students aged 12 and under.

If all eligible families sign up for the subsidy, it will cost the government $12 million per day – the same budget allocated to open schools for children of these ages. By the end of today, the daycare program will be on its fifth day with a total of $45 million spent or approximately $9 million per day.

The government has confirmed that cheques will begin to arrive by mail in late-September and early-October.

Parents and guardians began registering for the subsidy on September 1 when the online application portal opened. Parents will have four months from the end of the month of the labour disruption to register their child for payments.

Registration confirms a child’s enrolment in a public school as well as the mailing address for where the cheque will be mailed to.

To register your child, click here.


Feature Image: classroom head desk via Shutterstock