13 weird and wonderful Meetup groups around Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 9:48 pm

Meetup groups are a great way to find new friends and meet likeminded people. But they can also give you a window into another world. A world, full of interesting people.

The good news is that there’s a Meetup group for just about everyone. So whether you’re an introvert trying to get out, or a pagan mystic looking to meet likeminded friends; here’s our rundown of some the weird and wonderful Meetup groups you may – or may not – want to join around Vancouver.

Extremely Shy

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This may seem an oxymoron of a Meetup group, but Extremely Shy Vancouver is the most active group in Canada. Everyone is welcome, but the group goes above and beyond to accommodate introverts. Events include everything from board games to beach volleyball.

I Love My Friends But….

This Meetup’s for people who have established groups of friends but find those groups don’t mix very well. Members should lead “responsible lives”, and be “attractive and appreciated.” Also, don’t be a douche bag or creepy guy, and don’t join this group “to get laid.”

Last Minute Event Club

Looking for companions to check out the awesome events happening in Vancouver this weekend? This anti-planning Meetup group only allows members to post events three days in advance, so if you love last minute planning, this is the group for you.

Vancouver Handstand Meetup

Handstands (Undrey/Shutterstock)

Handstands can be a great excuse for a Meetup (Undrey/Shutterstock)

Remember how easy a handstand was when you were a kid? This Meetup is for anyone interested in practising, learning, or teaching someone to do a handstand as an adult! Members meet at parks and beaches, to spot each other and share tricks and tips.

Invisible Coffee Drinkers Group

This Meetup group gathers at The Edge on Yukon Street, to silently sip coffee, and look vacuously into space. Sometimes someone breaks the silence. The conversation continues “kept alive by coffee, plus the threat of solitary introspection and crushing clarity.”

Vancouver Magick & Occult

This Meetup group is pretty mysterious, saying only that they discuss the practices of magick and the occult. Upcoming events include The Silence of the Lambs at the morgue, a Cascadian Illuminati Northern Jurisdiction meeting and a Potluck Picnic and Occult Market.

The 1924 Club

This Meetup welcomes members who are interested in dancing the Foxtrot or Charleston, seeing live jazz and big band swing, and enjoying vintage-themed events, as well as creative frolics, vintage dress, murder mysteries and immersive theatre.

UFO and Conspiracy Meetup

The truth is out there... and the UFO and Conspiracy Meetup will find it (Brian R/Meetup)

The truth is out there… and the UFO and Conspiracy Meetup will find it (Brian R/Meetup)

If you have a theory about UFOs, conspiracies, the New World Order or anything else, this is the group for you. Members not only get together to share their thoughts but also listen to guest speakers and go on field trips around town. The truth is out there, after all.

Cuddles in Group!

This playful group is designed for adults to “explore communication, boundaries and affection… all in a setting structured to be a safe place for exploration and enjoyment.” There is no obligation to cuddle if you don’t want to.

Tag! You’re It!

This group meets in a public park and plays freeze tag, tunnel tag, fox and squirrel, chuck the chicken, human foosball and president and bodyguard. Be warned – all that running around isn’t as easy as when you were a kid, but all fitness levels are welcome.


If you’re a paranomal enthusiast, this is the ghostly group for you. Events range from ghost walks in cemeteries to visits to restaurants alleged to have paranormal activity. Interestingly, the Meetup also also serves as a private paranormal investigation group…

Burquitlam Potterheads


This new Meetup group is full of muggles looking for a way into the world of Harry Potter. If you enjoy playing quidditch or testing your knowledge of Potter trivia, this is the group for you.

Pagans and Mystics of BC

“There are more of us than you think,” announces this unusual Meetup group. Events include public ceremonies, celebrations, classes and charity events. Members include Pagans, Wiccans, Christian Gnostics, Thelemites, and members of various Kabbalistic sects.

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