12 things 'Back To The Future' promised we’d have by 2015

Dec 19 2017, 1:26 pm

It was almost exactly 26 years ago that Burnaby native Michael J. Fox began filming the second and third Back to the Future films back-to-back.

It is not widely known by today’s young generations that Eric Stolz was originally cast to play Marty McFly during the first film, but after five weeks into filming he was replaced by Fox, who was able to split his time between filming the movie and NBC sitcom Family Ties.

The trilogy is regarded as one of the most ambitious film productions and greatest cinematic classics of the 20th century. The second movie, released on November 22, 1989, even made some daring predictions of what 2015 would look like.

It got some things right as flat screen televisions and video conference technology are now a common consumer product.

But with the other imagined inventions, these are not quite ready yet… although a Kickstarter-funded hoverboard prototype exists, which was recently tested by Tony Hawk, and there are rumours that Nike will release a line of sneakers with self-tying power laces sometime in 2015 to celebrate Back to the Future II.

In the ’80s, all of this seemed so possible…

1. Food hydrators

Specifically made by Black & Decker. Wonder if they’ll change their slogan to “We sure know how to hydrate a pizza!”

Image: Universal Pictures

[youtube id=”s9U2ekOVL5Q”]

2. Power laces

Because tying shoes is so overrated!

[youtube id=”28Wa5L-fkkM”]

3. Automatic dog walkers

In 2015, dog is robot’s best friend. The only question is, does it pick up after the pooch?

Image: Universal Pictures

4. Self-drying jackets

Screw umbrellas!

[youtube id=”VZ73TLa_aL4″]

5. Jaws 19 and holographic movie posters

Steven Spielberg and his son better get moving on those other 15 sequels… and yes, the shark STILL looks fake!

Image: Universal Pictures

6. Phone glasses

It’s like Skype for sunglasses. We’re predicting this will be the “must have” item of 2015.

Image: Universal Pictures

7. Futuristic fashion: talking vests and oddly shaped helmets

No, it’s not face paint or fancy dress. According to BTTF this look is going to be all the rage come January 1st.

Image: Universal Pictures

8. Retractable garden centres

The only way to preserve fresh fruit and veggies and the cool way to get kids to eat their greens!

Image: Universal Pictures

9. Pepsi perfect

Built in straws, awesome containers and delivered to you automatically when you ask for it. C’mon Pepsi! Make. This. Happen.

Image: Universal Pictures

10. Mr. Fusion — home energy reactor

A power source that is fueled by everyday garbage. Turn your leftovers into 1.21 gigawatts of energy!

Image: Universal Pictures

11. Flying cars

According to Dr. Emmett Brown, we won’t need roads this year.

Image: Universal Pictures

12. Hoverboards

Forget segways and razor scooters, you’re riding on air now. Wonder if they’ll work on water?

[youtube id=”TkyLnWm1iCs”]


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