11-year old girls at Strathcona Elementary faked assault story

Dec 19 2017, 9:37 am

An investigation into the report of an assault of two 11-year-old girls in a park near Strathcona Elementary on the afternoon of February 2nd has revealed that the girls fabricated the story.

The girls reported to their parents, who in turn called police, that they had been involved in an argument with a man at the park over the ownership of the girl’s bags and that the argument escalated to the point that they were assaulted by the man. Their story was repeated to police.

On February 4th, police received tips from the community that identified a 43-year-old Vancouver man as the suspect involved in the incident. He was interviewed by police and released.

As a result of investigation, including information from a witness that came forward, officers conducted follow-up interviews with both young girls.

They now believe that the story provided by the girls alleging that they had been assaulted was false and that no assault took place.

As the girls are under 12 years of age, police are not seeking charges for the criminal offence of public mischief.

Vancouver Police Youth Services is now working with the girls and their families to assist in any way needed, and to help ensure the girls understand the gravity of their actions.

Source: VPD | Image: Vancouver Police via Shutterstock