11 best wax spots in Vancouver

Jun 8 2016, 3:41 am

Some women are comfortable hitting the beach without hair removal, and we salute them. Us? We prefer to defuzz before donning a bikini.

There are dozens of salons in Vancouver, but not all are equal. Compromise is not an option when you’re asking someone to drip hot wax near your nethers. So we and our friends tried, tested, and came up with this list. These places are clean, thorough, have great customer service, and make every effort to minimise the pain. All bikini wax prices are for basic waxes – you’ll pay more for French and Brazilian waxing.

Bare Wax Bar

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This has two Kits locations and is known for speed, affordability and friendliness – you’ll feel comfy and at ease, a must when you’re baring all. It uses only Canadian wax that’s suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Also on the menu are Dermalogica facials, mani/pedis and lash services.

How much: $25 for a bikini wax and $48 for full legs. Add on $6 for hard wax.

How to book: Call 604-558-1338 (West 1st Avenue) or 604-732-8017 (West 4th Avenue).

Where: #1- 1828 West 1st Avenue and #2- 2065-Unit 101 West 4th Avenue

Coalition Skin

Also known as #thepussyshop, this place does full-body waxing for men and women, using a wax imported from Australia that’s supposed to offer thorough, but gentle hair removal. As well as waxing, the salon offers microdermabrasion and holds fitness classes. It also works with animal charities to help cats and dogs find forever homes.

How much: $25-$35 for a bikini wax and $75 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-569-3343 or book online at www.coalitionskin.com.

Where: 424 Homer Street

Cranberries Spa

This downtown joint will wax just about everything except the hair on your head, including your full face, your back and your bum. Waxing is quick and efficient, service is friendly, and the atmosphere is chilled.

How much: $40 for a bikini wax and $60 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-696-9191.

Where: 330 Robson Street

Dona Lucia Esthetics

It sounds like an Italian restaurant, but there’s no spaghetti here. Instead, you get reasonably priced, fast hair removal with waxing or threading. The salon also offers facials, using Eminence products, makeup and mani/pedis. There are two locations: One in Kits and one downtown.

How much: $23 for a bikini wax and $49 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-736-5460 (Kitsilano) and 604-566-9112 (downtown), or book online at www.donaluciaesthetics.com.

Where: 2813 West Broadway (Kitsilano) and 521 West Georgia Street (downtown)

Frilly Lilly

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When we asked for recommendations, this is the name that came up most. The salon is extremely clean, its staff members are friendly and gentle, and waxing is just about as painless as possible. The small chain is headquartered in Calgary and has 12 branches in Canada and one in the US. It also sells a range of its own products, including skincare, fragrances and treatments for ingrown hairs.

How much: $25 for a bikini wax and $60 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-623-3330, email [email protected] or book online at www.frillylilly.ca.

Where: 1076 Hamilton Street

Pomegranate Spa

This little Kitsilano gem is fast and affordable, with friendly, professional service. The waxes are great, as are the facials, nail services and massages.

How much: $17 for a bikini wax and $45 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-559-9777

Where: 2960 West 4th Avenue


You won’t get manis, pedis or facials here. This place is all about the waxing – everything and everyone. Special service? The vajazzle – adding Swarovski crystals after your wax. There are now five locations: Burnaby, Kitsilano, Lonsdale, Port Moody and Yaletown.

How much: $25 for a bikini wax and $48 for full legs.

How to book: Call 1-888-495-5185 or book online at www.getstripped.ca.

Where : Multiple locations – visit the website for details.

Sugar Box

The most fun you can have during hair removal, this place offers to bling up the basement department by adding glitter and rhinestones to your Brazilian. They’ll even dye your hair down there. The salon uses zinc oxide wax, which is said to help reduce inflammation.

How much: $35 for a bikini wax and $83 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-569-1100

Where: 1025 Cambie Street


This is our favourite of the few salons in Vancouver that offer sugaring (hair removal using a sugar paste). It is supposed to be less painful than waxing because the sugar only adheres to dead skin and is not hot. The paste is also made from natural ingredients without fragrance, so is less likely to set off allergies.

How much: $30 for a bikini wax and $60 for full legs.

How to book: Call 604-226-7163. It’s open Tuesdays, by appointment only.

Where: 611 West 41st Avenue

The Ten Spot

We love this place for nails, facials and waxing. They use hard wax (it pulls less on skin) on sensitive bits, their sanitation procedures are second to none, and every wax room has Netflix to take your mind off the pain.

How much: $25 for a bikini wax and $55 for full legs.

How to book: Call 778-379-5959, email [email protected], or book online

Where: 1006 Mainland Street


This place, which is inside Opus hair salon, is  helmed by one of Vancouver’s most experienced waxers  –  Jacqueline has been taking care of hair down there since 1996. As well as waxing, you can get eyebrow and lash services, facials using Dermalogica and Yonka, and pedis.

How much: $20 for a bikini wax and $49 for full legs. New customers get 20 per cent off.

How to book: Call 604-602-1995

Address: 431 Davie Street

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