This article is literally just 10 photos of dogs we met around Yaletown

Jun 16 2018, 1:58 am

When we were approached by Samsung to test the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera (and once we got to experience it for ourselves), the strengths of the new smartphone were immediately apparent.

From its sleek design, to its awesome ability to capture slow-motion video and HD-quality images, there was so much for us to write about.

But we wanted to keep it real, and show everyone how the phone performs in real-life situations, and not just staged studio shoots with Instagram models and perfect lighting.

So naturally, we decided to put the Galaxy S9 camera through its paces by taking a walk in the park (specifically around a bunch of locations in Wi-Fi friendly Yaletown, including Coopers Park) and throwing an impromptu photoshoot with every dog we saw. #sorrynotsorry

Here are those pictures. Please enjoy.

As you can see, this is an excellent boy, in excellent focus.

The Galaxy S9’s Live Focus feature with amazing depth of field really let us capture the too-cool-for-drool essence of this dog wearing a hoodie.

And we didn’t need a slow motion camera to capture this Double Dog Head Tilt moment for you.

Fun Fact: This French Bulldog is a perfect girl, and this photo proves it.

We are officially fans of dogs in safety harnesses as the hot new summer look.

Please note how the S9’s camera perfectly captures the whole scene with clarity, from apartments in the background, to the happy dog in the middle, and the confused pup up close.

Dogs are famously hard to photograph, mainly because they are dogs and don’t understand our human concepts of staying still and posing for pictures. The Galaxy S9’s camera can compensate for that and still capture the moment, as seen here.

With a Dual Aperture that adjusts to the light, the S9 can capture the perfect nobility of this good boy whether he’s indoors or outdoors. It’s just that good (and so is he).

This is Mia. She could be a powerful executive or an influential world leader if she chose to do so. Instead, she is a dog. That’s good too.

You should always let sleeping dogs lie (especially ones as famous as this boy), but that doesn’t mean you can’t snap a quick high-resolution shot of them napping in the afternoon sunlight. (See how the S9 captures the sharp contrast between sunlight and shadow? Also, do you see his adorable nose?)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has more features than we could even list here, from animated AR Emojis, to easy-to-use slow motion video capture, to its high-definition Infinity Display.

But we wanted to showcase how it can make your favourite everyday activities, like taking pictures of your four-legged Instagram star, look like you hired a fashion magazine photographer to give your puppy some head shots. (No judgment here.)

Your phone is a tool that helps you live your best life. And if there’s a better life than perfect pictures of puppies, we haven’t heard of it.

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