10 'Date' Movies to see at VIFF 2014

Dec 19 2017, 8:11 pm

The most orthodox date night involves dinner and a movie. While VIFF is on there will be a lot more options for the ‘movie’ quota of that date than usual, so make sure to take advantage and see something you might not normally get to see in a theatre.

It can be hard choosing from the many films showing at VIFF, but knowing your date can help you narrow it down. Here are 10 examples of the movies you could see together:

Amazing Anime (Japan, South Korea)


A collection of animated short films with various themes. If you’re seeing someone who enjoys anime, or possibly video games, then this is likely the thing to see with them. If this isn’t something you and your date have in common then this will be a lot more quick and painless then going to a convention with them.

Sept 27, 6:30pm, International Village #8
Sept 28, 1:45pm, International Village #8

Behavior (Cuba)


A film about an indomitable little boy and the teacher who’ll do whatever it takes to help him. Dating a teacher? This is your movie. They haven’t had a fun time of it lately so take them to something that’ll remind them how important their job is.

Oct 7, 9:30pm, Rio Theatre
Oct 9, 1:30pm, Vancouver Playhouse

Bloody Knuckles (Canada)


Is she a very kinky girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother? Or is he a bad boy you’re trying to tame? Bad news; you can’t. Stop trying. Indulge your delinquent sweetheart’s dark side and take them to a movie about a severed hand doing nasty things to defend its owner’s right to draw dirty pictures.

Oct 3, 11:30pm, Rio Theatre
Oct 4, 3:45pm, International Village #8

Dirty Singles (Canada)


This is a good movie if you’re in the ‘settling down’ stage of your life, or alternatively if that thought is terrifying for one or both of you. It could ease some tension. It will probably also please fans of tv sitcoms since the synopsis describes a “close-knit circle of zany friends”.

Sept 30, 7:00pm, Rio Theatre
Oct 1, 2:00pm, Rio Theatre

Finding Fela (UK, USA, France, Nigeria)


Documentary about Nigerian musician Fela Kuti featuring Paul McCartney and Ahmir Thompson (‘Questlove’ of The Roots). If your date loves music, and especially if they care about the music of the 70s, then you should not let them miss this one.

Sept 25, 10:45am, SFU Woodwards
Oct 5, 6:15pm, Rio Theatre
Oct 8, 1:15pm, SFU Woodwards

God Help the Girl (UK)


Your significant other sings in the shower, and pretty much everywhere else. You’ve learnt the hard way not to tell him or her to ‘let it go’. Get some different songs stuck in their head with this oddball musical about quirky people starting a band.

Sept 27, 7:00pm, International Village 10
Sept 29, 1:00pm, International Village 9

Phoenix (Germany)


Does he own a Rubik’s cube? Does she always finish her crossword puzzles? In this complex drama a woman in 1945 Germany undergoes facial reconstruction that renders her mostly unrecognizable to her husband, although he does think she looks enough like his ‘dead’ wife to help him inherit her money. It’s perfect for a date who likes some layers to unpack.

Oct 3, 9:00pm, SFU Woodwards
Oct 7, 4:00pm, SFU Woodwards

The Horses of Fukushima (Japan)


You’re dating an animal lover. You might say all the right things, but your rival for affection can beat you out with a simple ‘woof’ or ‘meow’. Never fear! This emotional documentary about the rehabilitation of horses impacted by radiation should help you get a few points up on Fluffy.

Sept 29, 10:00am, The Cinematheque
Oct 1, 9:30pm, The Cinematheque

The Liberator (Spain, Venezuela)


If your date majored in something like history or political science then this period piece about South American revolutionary Simón Bolívar is the film to see with him or her. Careful, though, once the fires of revolutionary spirit have been lit they don’t die out easy. Your next date might involve a picket sign and the art gallery lawn.

Sept 28, 3:00pm, Centre for Performing Arts
Oct 5, 9:15pm, Centre for Performing Arts

Uncertain Relationships Society (Hong Kong)


Whether your date is a serial people-watcher, enjoys talking through the relationships of others, or tunes in to Dr. Phil, he or she has shown a marked interest in how humans relate to one another. Take them to see this film about the interlocking lives of five young people in Hong Kong.

Sept 27, 11:45am, Vancity Theatre
Sept 27, 9:00pm, The Cinematheque

Check out all the films on the Vancouver Film Festival website. This year’s VIFF runs from September 25 – October 10 at multiple venues across the city.


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