10 Canadian Provinces as High School Kids

Dec 19 2017, 10:59 am

Thought Catalog’s Alexandra Pope describes what the each Canadian province would be like if they were high school kids.

See the full list here, we’ve shared a few with you below.

British Columbia

British Columbia spends her lunch hour playing guitar on the quad or helping to paint the diversity mural in the foyer and thinks she might like to possibly go to Thailand after graduation or maybe Bolivia – somewhere they have really cool people, you know?


Alberta is the ultra-popular kid with the massive house and all the latest video games and toys. He throws the kind of legendary parties that end up on YouTube and seems destined for corporate success but secretly his friends worry about his drinking and gossip about that baggie of white powder in his locker that he said was baking soda.


Ontario is that loudmouthed jerk kid who nobody really likes but who they hang out with anyway because he’s pretty good at sports. He always seems to have a girlfriend, which nobody can figure out. He likes to brag about how well-off his parents are but you’ve seen his dad drop him off at school and come on, he drives a Toyota.


Quebec is that lean, sensitive guy who mopes around the quad writing in his Moleskine and who you’re pretty sure wears mascara. He was the first to experiment with bisexuality (gender is SUCH a bourgeois construct) and the first to publicly declare his atheism. Occasionally he storms out of class during discussion, declaring this place to be a fascist snake pit, but then the next day there he is, calmly smoking his hand-rolled cigarettes outside the gym.

High school kids playing guitar via shutterstock

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