10 beauty remedies right from your kitchen

Dec 19 2017, 9:56 am

Everyone has their own beauty secrets, whether they have been just discovered, or passed down through the generations. Thanks to Pinterest and blogs, anyone can post their own remedies and people can publicly view it and try them out at home! Even by using things that one would never think to can help get rid of blemishes, even skin tone, and strengthen hair and nails, possibly faster than the expensive brand name products will.

The tips and tricks posted are just a few of the countless different remedies for beauty problems out there. Some of them may require a little more work than others, but in the end each one will have you feeling like a million dollars!

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1. Longer lasting nail polish

Use vinegar to make your nail polish last longer. No, not inside the nail polish, simply apply the vinegar to your nails before you apply the nail polish to prolong the wear.

2. Exfoliating face mask

Mix strawberries, honey and plain yogurt to make an exfoliating face mask. Just slice and mash up a couple of strawberries, add a spoonful of honey and another spoonful of yogurt. Mix all the ingredients together and spread evenly over your face. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and wash off with water to reveal bright, soft skin.

3. Toner

Make a cucumber and honey toner to shrink pores. Chop one medium-sized cucumber into pieces and put it into a blender. Blend the cucumber until it is pureed and pour the puree into a bowl through a sieve. Put two teaspoons of honey into an empty bottle and pour the cucumber juice into it. Shake the bottle well and use a cotton pad to apply the toner to your pores.

4. Acne killer

Use the peel of an orange to get rid of acne. Take the peel and leave it out to dry completely. Grind the now hard peel into a powder and mix it with a little water to make a paste. Apply the paste to areas with acne and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off.

5. Fight dry hair

Use olive oil and honey to fight dry hair. Heat up four tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds, then add two tablespoons of honey and mix it. Apply the mixture to your hair, starting from the ends and keep it in a shower cap for about 20 minutes. Rinse and style as desired.


6. Fight frizz

Fight frizz with yogurt, honey and almond oil. Mix together half a cup of plain yogurt, half a cup of honey and one tablespoon of almond oil. Apply it all over your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse it off with shampoo. Do this once a month to keep frizz under control.

7. Reduce redness in pimples

Use water and aspirin to reduce redness in pimples. Simply take a little bit of water and mix it with an aspirin until it firms a paste. Apply the paste to pimples to reduce redness.

8. Whiten teeth

Whiten teeth with strawberries and baking soda. Mash one ripe strawberry with half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply this mixture to teeth and leave on for about five minutes. Rinse and brush teeth as usual.

9. Lose the bags

Use tea bags to get rid of puffy eyes. Steep two bags of caffeinated green tea (the caffeine will help more than decaf) in hot water for about three to five minutes. Let the bags cool until they are slightly warm. Lie down, place the teabags over your eyes and place a cloth on top. Leave them on for as long as desired.

10. Soften callouses

Soften calloused feet with pineapple. Puree one cup of fresh, chopped pineapple. Place feet in a bowl or tub and massage the puree all over your feet. Let it sit for about seven to 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water, dry with a towel and voila!

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Not only are these remedies all natural, but the ingredients can be found right in your kitchen! To top it all of, it is a lot more inexpensive than spending an arm and a leg on beauty products. Try these recepies out and see the results for yourself!


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