10 amazing day trips from Vancouver that are perfect for spring

Apr 26 2017, 7:57 am

Now that the days are finally getting longer, it feels like Vancouverites have collectively breathed a sigh of relief. It’s light outside until past 8:30! The extra dose of daylight has had everyone doing things later, and actually starting to go out on weeknights. The best part of longer days is that weekend exploring is now in full season.

Even if you have a rowdy Friday night and sleep in on Saturday, there’s still time to adventure. It’s true, weekend getaways are expensive, but day trips open up a world of possibilities.

You’ll want to bring your cell phone charger because you’re battery’s going to be shot snapping soooo many photos of these day trip destinations.

Whytecliff Park

Located only 25 minutes from Vancouver, Whytecliff Park is the perfect place to visit on weekends or even after work. You can have a stroll along the beach and venture out onto the impressive cliffs for which the park is named.

Brohm Lake Provincial Park

Squamish is full of so many beautiful places, and Brohm Lake is one of its best-kept secrets. Just over an hour drive from Vancouver, Brohm Lake is ideal for afternoon picnics and scenic walks. If you’re feeling brave, you can even rent a wetsuit and do some early Spring swimming by jumping off one of the many rope swings.

The Stawamus Chief

Another Squamish favourite, the Chief is a scenic and quick hike in the area. In just under two hours you can drive and hike to the first peak of the Chief. With great views of the Howe Sound to inspire you, you may even decide you stop in at the Howe Sound Brewery for a post-hike beer.

Diablo Lake

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Many of us Vancouverites forget just how close to the US we really are. In a three-hour drive, we can be in Washington stretching our legs and wandering around the Diablo Lake wilderness. Offering a range of activities from hiking to canoeing, this is what warm Spring days were made for. At the end of the day just cross the border on home.

Cascade Falls

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Cascade Falls is arguably the most scenic and accessible waterfall in the Lower Mainland, drive up, park, walk five minutes and boom you’ve arrived. Due to all the recent snow melt, Spring is the optimal time to witness the mighty force of this fall.

Bowen Island

Reachable only by ferry, Bowen Island is a relaxing retreat away from the city. Since the island is so small, rather than driving across you can ditch your car and bike or walk around the island. Local activities include hiking Mount Gardner, hanging out on the beach, or practising yoga in a geodesic yoga dome.

Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival

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From now until May 7th you can head over to Abbotsford to check out the annual tulip festival. This year’s event includes food trucks, build your own bouquet stations and of course plenty of opportunities to purchase some colourful blooms to take home.


Love my Nada🌻

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So maybe this is a bit of stretch for a day trip, but if you love wine, you’ll be willing to spend four and a half hours each way driving to Kelowna. Thanks to the extra daylight so long as you leave early there’ll be plenty of time to sample a bit of what Kelowna has to offer. If you plan it just right you can hit up a local winery, buy some wine and still have enough time to catch the views from the Kelowna Mountain Suspension Bridge.


No matter the season, driving up the Sea to Sky is a fun time. Subtract the rush of ski or mountain biking season, and the one and a half hour commute to Whistler gets even better. Without the traffic, you can cruise up to the spa for the morning and be comfortably home by midafternoon. Who couldn’t use a spa day once in a while right?

The Othello Tunnels

Located just outside of Hope, the Othello Tunnels are a local piece of history. A relic of one of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s most ambitious projects, the tunnels remain a remarkable feat of engineering to this day. After an extended Winter closure, the park has finally reopened, and it can be reached in as little as two hours from the city.

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