You can fly from Toronto to Cartagena, Colombia for $326 this fall

Apr 7 2018, 2:42 am

When the last weeks of summer slowly dwindle away and the temperatures start to drop, an impending reality hits. It’s fall, a season followed by fallen leaves and colder weather.

People will do anything to extend their beloved summer season for just a few weeks longer, how about with a trip to Cartagena, Colombia?

Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Carribean coast. The tropical town is a popular beach destination and a short trip from the beautiful Rosario Islands.

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Courtesy of YYZ Deals, you can fly from Toronto to Cartagena, Colombia for $326 roundtrip.

The flights are available to book in late-August, September, October, and November of 2018 – perfect for a last minute summer getaway.

Each flight has one stop in Panama, for up to 10 hours.

Here’s how to book the flight:

1. Visit Google Flights.

2. Enter in a flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Cartagena, Colombia (CTG)

3. Enter calendar view and scroll between your desired months of travel. Look for prices in green.





Image via Google Flights

4. Visit the Flighthub website and enter your desired dates. Be sure to play around with dates as you may find some flights for cheaper.


Image via Flighthub


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