A new website is tracking Toronto businesses with fully vaccinated staff

Jul 22 2021, 6:39 pm

There’s a new website compiling a list of Toronto businesses with fully vaccinated staff just one day after anti-vaxxers harassed the operator of a similar website so badly that he shut it down.

The man behind the new website, Safe Biz Info, is choosing to keep his identity anonymous to avoid the same threats that made SafeTODo.ca creator Brandon Mattalo pull the plug on Tuesday.

“No one should put you down for doing something to help Canadians,” Safe Biz Info’s creator told Daily Hive in a phone interview. “People should have the choice if they want to be in a safe environment.”

The website, which went live Wednesday night, displays Toronto businesses with strong policies toward vaccination — either they have declared all staff members have both doses, or they require customers to be vaccinated as well.

He’s trying to reach every business for permission before including it on the new website because some businesses got harassed by anti-vaxxers after they were included. In some instances, the anti-vaxxers left fake online reviews or made no-show reservations to make the businesses lose money.

Safe Biz Info has about 10 businesses included right now, but the operator is hoping to add the 35 or so from SafeTODo with the owners’ permission.

The site also has tabs for other Ontario cities such as Ottawa and Waterloo, which should be populated soon.

“I really liked what SafeTODo was doing … If he’s not comfortable doing it, then it will be on me, and I can do it.”

Several supporters of SafeTODo expressed their disappointment this week that the website was shutting down due to anti-vaxxer harassment. Some health professionals called the website an ad-hoc substitute for government vaccine certificates.

Businesses interested in being included in the new registry can email [email protected].

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