Video shows how drivers will do just about anything to escape Toronto traffic

Apr 17 2023, 8:35 pm

Traffic on Toronto-area highways is no joke, and travelling between the region’s cities can often be a rage-inducing, down-to-the-wire nightmare.

A viral video that has been circulating since the weekend shows the lengths some drivers will go to escape highway gridlock, such as skipping the line and making their own exit like a bizarre scene out of Grand Theft Auto.

Originally posted to TikTok by user oxtailpapi, the clip offers a glimpse into the typical pandemonium experienced regularly by drivers in the region, where drivers can be seen ditching a long queue to exit by driving over a grassy hill to merge with Highway 401 from Highway 410.

A follow-up clip shows the scene from close up, with a caption clarifying that the wait time sans shortcut was between 10 and 18 minutes.

In the clip, the driver recording the scene can be heard saying, “I don’t know what happened, but I don’t know from that desperate cut ‘cross the bush, these mans are — yo this crazy bruh. Y’all really doing that, should I do it too?”

Comments on the video range from outrage to jokes calling out the video poster for giving away their traffic-beating secrets.

Others think the clip encapsulates the rush-everywhere mentality of GTA residents.

According to one commenter, this exact method of shortcut — and its associated risks and fines — has been featured on the reality series, Heavy Rescue: 401, making sure to tag the Ontario Provincial Police in the process.

Others focused on the way additional drivers followed the cue of the lead car, following them on this ill-advised shortcut.

Seven different vehicles can be seen skipping the line in the just 21-second-long clip.

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