Not sure who asked for this, but Velveeta has made nail polish that smells like cheese

Jun 20 2022, 7:59 pm

Gone are the days when you’d have to eat through a whole bag of Cheetos to get fingers that smelled like cheese — now you can simply buy cheese-scented nail polish from Velveeta to attain those yellow, questionable-smelling tips you’ve always wanted.

Kraft Food’s processed cheese product Velveeta partnered with British beauty brand Nails.INC to create a nail collection no one asked for.

Included in the collection are a red and yellow polish duo and a sheet of nail stickers. The cheesy yellow nail polish is called La Dolce Velveeta and the red one’s called Finger Food.

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“Make your nails look as smooth as Velveeta feels,” wrote Nails.INC on Instagram. “We’re teaming up with America’s most-loved creamy, delicious cheese brand to bring you these equally creamy, cheese-scented nail polish duo!”

The brand stressed that the polish might smell like melty cheese but is not actually made of Velveeta, warning customers to not eat it.

You won’t smell any cheese while putting the nail polish on. The fromage-y fragrance only appears once your nails have dried.

The polishes have taken the internet by storm, with several TikTokers trying them out. The collection sold out in a day and was restocked. The demand is so high, Nails.INC says it’s experiencing delayed shipments.

“It’s really grating on me that I missed this drop! when I JUST placed an order!” said Instagrammer @polishedpecan. “If only I gouda waited just a few more days 😭💛😂.”

But she reported being brie-ond excited” upon seeing the restock update.

Ironically, the Velveeta nail polishes are 100% vegan, in case you’re wondering.

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