Uber just launched UberEvents in Toronto

Dec 9 2016, 1:31 am

Gracious hosting this holiday season means not only ensuring your guest have a good time, but also being certain they get home safe.

This newly launched initiative from Uber makes it easier than ever to be responsible and ensure no one drives drunk.

UberEVENTS allows hosts to create an event and send out a code so that guests can arrange their own door-to-door transportation while party hosts can pick up the tab.

It’s like the new age equivalent of taxi chits.

For guests, it’s as easy as applying a promo code and then requesting a ride via the app per usual. It eliminates all chance of getting stranded, stuck in an overly-festive/sing-along carpool, or enduring the cold while trying to flag a cab on the curb.

Purchasing rides through uberEVENTS is marketed as a solution for all occasions and it’s billed as less expensive and easier than calling a taxi.

It might just be the better, better way.

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