The Uber for car mechanics has arrived in Toronto

Jul 15 2016, 8:52 pm

If you’re anything like me, you don’t feel any more out of your depth than when you’re talking to a mechanic.

New carburetor? Sure, sounds good. I need to have the tires rotated? Ya, that sounds about right. Timing belt change? Hey, I didn’t even know my car wore a belt…

So not only am I standing in an office feeling stupid as I hand over more money than I’m pretty sure I should be paying, I’m also taking time off of work (or spending my Saturday morning) to do so.

In case you’re not picking up what I’m putting down, getting work done on my car is not one of my favourite things.

Well, it now looks like there’s a solution for all of these things. Enter Fiix, the ‘uber for car mechanics’.

Uber for Cars Toronto

If you need almost anything done to your car, Fiix will send a fully-licensed, vetted, expert mechanic to your home, office, or wherever your car happens to be. They’ll do what needs to be done onsite, they’ll do it with high quality materials, and they’ll do it for cheaper than any shop in town.

Oh, and they’ll bring you a coffee too. Seriously.

CTO Khallil Mangalji assured us that 90% of jobs can be done by Fiix’s mechanics without the use of repair shop. In fact, they offer more than 300 different services including everything from battery and brake pads replacements to general inspections and oil changes. Fiix currently has six highly professional mechanics working across Toronto.

In case you’re at all worried, they also maintain a 5-star rating on both Google and Yelp.

To recap, they’re cheaper, more convenient, and even pay their mechanics more than the industry average. Check out their Facebook video below to see what happened when they tried to get a $20 oil change at a regular shop and you’ll understand why they got started in the first place.

Suddenly, I’m feeling a lot less dumb.

Eric WainwrightEric Wainwright

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