Toronto Zoo’s rare corpse flower has reached peak bloom and it smells f*cking awful

Sep 14 2018, 8:29 pm

Hold your breath.

The Toronto Zoo’s rare, exotic plant that’s notorious for unleashing the smell of rotten flesh has officially bloomed.

The Amorphophallus titanum — also known as the corpse flower, or Pablo, by Toronto Zoo staff — bloomed Thursday around 4 pm, and staff says the flower’s smell can be described as musty laundry, rotten meat, dead mice, cabbage, and a sweaty hockey bag.


According to the Zoo, the corpse flower’s bloom period only lasts 8 to 36 hours, meaning Friday, September 14, will be the last time to witness the flower in peak bloom.

As it blooms, the flower will spread its flesh coloured petals and emit “rancid fumes” in order to attract pollinator insects that feed on dead animals.

The corpse flower bloomed in Vancouver this summer and curious guests lined up for hours to catch a whiff.

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