An adults only zombie survival camp is happening near Toronto this May

Jan 12 2018, 6:59 pm

It doesn’t matter how many episodes of the Walking Dead you watch, you’ll never be prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

But to ensure you’re prepared for when that day comes, there’s an epic adult zombie survival camp happening in Orilla this May.

Hosted over the course of a weekend, participants will get to endure rigorous zombie survival workshops and seminars as well as a simulated zombie outbreak, where you’ll have to try to outlive the dead.

zombie survial

Zombie Survival Camp/Facebook

Participants will not only learn the skills they need should a zombie apocalypse ever happen, but also learn how to make shelters, use a bow and arrow, and even some basic combat skills.

Zombie Survival camp

Zombie Survival Camp/Facebook

You’ll not only leave feeling prepared to take on any zombie that comes your way, but you’ll also go home knowing that you can take care of yourself in various situations.

Zombie Survival camp

Zombie Survival Camp/Facebook

Early bird pricing for the camp starts at $300, with the regular pricing starting at $350. Registration is already open, so if you’re planning on attending we recommend signing up ASAP.

Adult Camp Orilla

When: May 4 to 6
Where: 990 Longford Mills Rd, Orillia, Ontario

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