Another heat wave expected in Toronto later this week

Jul 20 2020, 5:38 pm

After a wicked storm touched the city on the weekend, sunnier (and hotter) days are ahead for Toronto.

According to The Weather Network, the weather will kick off milder than its been this week, as a high reaches 28°C on Monday, but will be feeling more like 31°C.

As for Tuesday, the sun will beam over the city with a high of 25°C, feeling more like 29°C.

By midweek, the humidex will return to feel closer to 35°C.

Rain is forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday, with Wednesday feeling like 36°C and Thursday reaching 36°C.

Friday will be beautifully sunny with a high of 29°C. The weekend will be even warmer with weather feeling like 38°C on Saturday and 41°C on Sunday.

Looking forward to next week, temperatures will continue to be consistent. Monday will also be sunny, hot and will feel like 38°C with the humidex.

Be sure to drink lots of water, as officials suggest, if you plan to spend time outside.

Never leave any people or pets inside a parked vehicle, and be sure to social distance, as usual.

Irelyne LaveryIrelyne Lavery

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