Toronto ranked fifth most expensive city for transit in the world

Aug 6 2020, 7:57 pm

While most know Toronto’s transit isn’t cheap, it might be surprising for some that the city’s transit is one of the most expensive in the world.

According to a recent report by Picodi, out of 24 major cities in the world, Toronto takes the fifth spot for most expensive transportation.

The report examines the price of monthly passes and contrasts them with average wages to measure affordability.

Therefore, residents in Toronto, who on average net $3,532 a month, would need to pay 4.2% of their salary on a public transportation pass.

The top five cities that have the most expensive transportation are Sao Paulo with 15.34%; Istanbul with 9.26%; London with 8.23%; Dublin with 7.81%; and then Toronto.


What’s interesting to note is for New York, where monthly passes are some of the most expensive in the world, when calculated with the average salary, it ends up being 18th on the list.

Of course, for many residents in Toronto, it won’t be surprising that the city takes top spot for most expensive transportation in the country.

Looking at 12 Canadian capitals, Toronto has the most expensive transportation with monthly passes costing residents $156, which gives transit riders access to streetcars, buses and subways.

In second place is Calgary, with their pass costing $109 for unlimited access to buses and light rail service. In third is Winnipeg with $102, followed by Vancouver with $98 and Montreal taking fifth spot with $86.50 a month.


The least expensive is Charlottetown at $8.50 for a monthly pass. Prince Edward Island never looked so good.

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