Sushi chain nailed again with 10 infractions by Toronto health inspectors

Apr 19 2023, 3:58 pm

A sushi restaurant chain in Toronto just got flagged at one of its locations this week after health inspectors detected multiple infractions.

Monkey Sushi, located at 64 Edward Street received a conditional pass notice on April 17 after health inspectors found 10 infractions, two of them crucial, three of them significant, four of them minor, and one classified as “other.”

The sushi chain is well-known for offering an extensive menu full of party trays, bento boxes, specialty rolls, and lunch combos.

The crucial infractions involved storing “potentially hazardous foods at an internal temperature between 4°C and 60°C,” and failing to “protect food from contamination or adulteration.”

One of the significant infractions was listed as “use food equipment not in good repair.”

The four minor infractions included “food premise not maintained with clean floors in food-handling room” and “food premise not maintained with food-handling room in sanitary condition.”

The full list of infractions is available on the DineSafe website.

monkey sushi

The list of infractions on DineSafe.

This isn’t the first time the sushi chain has been flagged by health inspectors. Monkey Sushi’s locations at 493 Bloor Street West and 461 Danforth Avenue have also received conditional pass notices in the past, although they’ve been cleared since.

Despite receiving 10 infractions, the location will remain open as staff begins working through the issues raised by health inspectors.

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