14 things to do in Toronto before the summer ends

Aug 13 2018, 4:19 pm

Summer 2018 is coming to a close soon.

Too soon.

But for now, it’s still summer, and the sun continues to shine. Toronto is full of exciting and entertaining events all year round, although let’s face it, most events are better under that sun we’ve been mentioning.

So as August winds down, grab some friends and hit up as many summer activities as you can. Here’s our list of 14 must-dos before the end of the summer.

Get axe throwing

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In case you didn’t know, axe throwing is now a sport – or something like that. A great way to get together with some friends this summer, and perhaps a way to get some aggression out, Toronto has several spots to get your Axe On.

Where to go: Check out BATL Axe Throwing or Bad Axe Throwing

Go for a roller coaster ride

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Remember how much fun roller coasters are? If you don’t, maybe it’s time you get back on one. Bring back those childhood memories, laugh till you cry, and try not to scream. If it’s been a while, hold off on eating those funnel cakes until after the rides.

Where to go: Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan.

Get on island time

A hop, skip, and a little ferry ride away, the Toronto Island is a great city getaway. Whether on a weekend, or an evening after work, the Toronto Island offers family fun or adult fun depending on what you’re in need of. If you haven’t been to the Island yet, pack a picnic and head out.

Where to go: Catch the ferry at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, 9 Queens Quay West.

Grab a cold one at a microbrewery

There was an official International Beer Day in August, but we celebrate that daily in the city through our craft breweries. From the east end to the west end, we love our beers in Toronto, so much so that the craft brew scene is expanding each year. Check out a local brew and try out a new flavour – you have so many options.

Where to go: You can start here

Hit the road

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You, some friends, a rad playlist, and the open road. It’s a summer dream come true. And lucky for us in Toronto, we have so many destinations within reach. Head to Flowerpot Island, Ontario’s hidden gem or to the scenic oasis that’s the Elora Quarry.

Where to go: You can start planning your summer road trip here

Watch a movie under the stars

Across the city, screens are going up weekly for the annual free outdoor movie viewing experiences. The summer series fall under different days, and in different locations, and it all comes to an end so soon. So make this a ‘must do’ before summer’s end.

Where to go: Take your pick

Get a tan on a patio

Who doesn’t love spending a sunny afternoon on a patio? Toronto’s got all sorts of awesome ones, from rooftop patios to patios on the lake. Date night, anyone?

Selfie with the stars at TIFF

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The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the biggest attractions in the city all year. People come from all over the world to check out the glitz, glam, films, and stars. Plan ahead – never too early – and check out the TIFF schedule. Tickets often sell out, but you live in the city. You got this.

Where to go: Various venues, but stay in Toronto from September 6 to 16.

Let’s go to the EX

A summer tradition in the city, the CNE is a must do. It doesn’t matter how old we get, going to the EX brings the kid out in all of us, and the food is always entertaining. Play some games, win some ridiculously sized toys, and take some colourful Instagram pics.

Where to go: Um, the Ex

Enjoy a crazy ice cream cone

Ice cream is a fave food staple in the summer for a reason. The good news is the cold-sweet treat comes in different flavours, shapes, topping, and nowadays the cone has become the best part – actually though. Might want to get that gym membership back before fall, there are so many sweet treats to try before summer’s end.

Where to go: Check out the CNE, Union Summer Market, or the ever-so-popular Sweet Jesus

Sing along at a concert

Because even though singing in the shower is fun, singing with hundreds (or thousands) of other music fans is an experience.

Where to go: Check out what concerts are coming up next here

Support our local sports teams

Take us out to the ball game! Summer sports means being outdoors, beers, and stadium eats. And there’s still plenty of time to catch a game with some pals.

Where to go: A few options depending on your taste, or catch them all. Soccer fans check out Toronto FC, football fans check out the Argos, and baseball fans check out our Jays.

Swim in the lake

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Our urban jungle may be chaotic and busy at its core, but around its edges are little local summer getaways. Check out one of Toronto’s 11 designated swimming beaches, and don’t forget the sunscreen and frisbee. Following this month’s intense rainstorm, many beaches are currently closed due to an increase in E. coli levels. To see what beach are safe, you can visit Toronto’s SwimSage page for an up-to-date status of 11 beaches in the city.

Where to go: From east to west, and on Toronto Island, there are options for everyone location wise

And while you’re there, SUP

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Ever seen those guys with paddle and board and wondered what they were doing? They are stand up paddleboarding, or SUPing. A few places around the beaches of Toronto rent out SUPs, or you can join a class. And these also make for awesome adventurous Instagram pictures.

Where to go: Start at SUPGirlz, WSUP Toronto, or Toronto Island SUP.

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