Toronto sign to glow blue for First Responders and Doctors Day

May 1 2020, 1:26 pm

Mayor John Tory has proclaimed today, May 1, to be “First Responders Day” and “Doctors Day” in the City of Toronto.

To honour those working on the frontlines, the city’s Toronto sign will glow blue at 9 pm.

Residents are encouraged to shine a light for these frontline workers at that time as well, Tory says, in an effort to show appreciation for the hard work these individuals are exerting at this time.

“Doctors Day is our opportunity to recognize the commitment and the contributions — especially now — of our physicians who work hard every single day to provide high-quality care to their patients,” Tory said in his proclamation announcement.

“To you, and to me.”

Word that it’s also First Responders Day came earlier from Tory, in an announcement also shared via social media.

He says that the title “first responders” encompasses paramedics, communications officers, police officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers, all of whom “serve the city with loyalty during the best of times and the worst of times when we need them most.”

Now more than ever, Tory says, the city is recognizing the work these individuals put in every day.

“They are constantly responsible for making life or death decisions under severe pressure.”

To honour doctors and first responders, you can #ShineALightForThem tonight at 9 pm.

Kayla GladyszKayla Gladysz

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