5 Toronto restaurants to support on this week's Takeout Day

Jul 15 2020, 12:27 pm

While the restaurant industry works to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of these times, every Wednesday has been named “Takeout Day.”

Just because we can’t visit our favourite restaurants in a regular fashion right now doesn’t mean we can’t continue to support them.

If you have a hankering for a no-cook meal and you’d like to show some love to a local eatery, consider placing an order through one of our picks for this week’s Takeout Day:



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Allwyn’s is a fierce spot for Jerk Chicken, patties, and oxtail, and it’s particularly special due to its several locations. Whether you’re downtown or you reside along the edges of the city, you can enjoy goodness from this joint for takeout or on Uber Eats.

Address: 404 Queen Street West
Phone: 416-901-1882

Address: 81 Underhill Drive
Phone: 647-847-4698

Address: 4750 Yonge Street
Phone: 416-479-2848


Wong’s Ice Cream


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In both hard- and soft-serve ice cream form depending on the day, this spot’s flavours are unreal. White Rabbit, Strawberry Mochi, Toasted Ramen Miso, and Hong Kong Milk Tea are only a few options beloved across the land. Enjoy yours in a regular cone, a waffle cone, or in a cup, with the choice of one or two scoops. We’d recommend two.

Address: 617 Gerrard Street East
Phone: 416-778-8883


Bobby Sue’s Mac + Cheese


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Slingin’ cheesy noodles with a vast variety of toppings every day, what better place to belatedly celebrate Mac and Cheese day than an eatery totally dedicated to the dish? Whether you opt for a classic, the vegan, blue buffalo chicken, curry, carbonara, or anything in between, you’ll agree that these bites are what cheesy dreams are made of.

Address: 162 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 647-352-2762


Roti Cuisine of India


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This Dupont Street stop serves up plenty of mouthwatering veggie dishes, including mouthwatering roti and refreshing mango lassi. Grab yours for takeaway and enjoy a stroll up the road to sneak a peek at Casa Loma. If you’re not keen to venture into the heat, you can order up on Uber Eats instead.

Address: 308 Dupont Street
Phone: 416-968-9366


Ital Vital


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This little spot is tucked away in Kensington Market, and is it ever worth seeking out. Fresh veggie dishes packed with intense flavours are plated all together, allowing the spices to meet and mingle in the greatest of ways. One “lunch” will easily last you three meals, and the price is right.

Address: 134 St. Andrew Street
Phone: 416-599-9141


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