5 Toronto pizza restaurants to add to your delivery bucket list

Jun 26 2020, 7:00 am

A surprising amount of my childhood revolved around pizza.

My family owned a mom-and-pop pizza joint in my rural Ontario hometown. Naturally, some of my fondest memories involve hanging around our local shop, carefully placing toppings on the pizzas, and seeing how, once placed in the fire oven, they transformed into cheesy masterpieces.

Alright, so you can probably tell I like pizza. So, it’s no shocker that I was enthralled once I learned, with a little help from SkipTheDishes, I’d be sampling some of the best pies in the city from the comfort of home. While others might have considered eating a pizza a day for five consecutive days excessive, I relished in it.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of all the wonderful independently owned pizza restaurants in the Big Smoke, but these local spots should definitely be on the top of every pizza lover’s list.


Blondies Pizza/Victoria Bouthillier

Blondies’ motto is all about bringing “pizza dreams to life,” which I’d have to say is completely accurate. The pizza was the perfect marriage between a classic late-night pizza and everything you want in a creative, artisan pizza.

My pie of choice was the Scarlet Sunrise: a white pizza layered with kale, basil, pickled red onion, mushrooms, and truffle oil.

When the pizza arrived, the smell of truffles emanating from the box was overwhelming. In fact, not busting open the box and stealing a slice right away required some serious willpower.

The mixture of different flavours and textures immediately stood out; the rich taste of truffle complemented the fresh ricotta, while the crunch of the pickled onion contrasted the soft, chewy dough.

Address: 88 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 437-341-1555

Address: 199 Bay Street
Phone: 437-341-1555

Address: 1555 Dundas Street W
Phone: 437-341-1555

Gusto 101

Since opening their doors in 2012, Gusto 101 has been serving up some of Toronto’s favourite Southern Italian classics. While the pizza was no substitute for how much I miss their rooftop patio, it sure was delicious.

Here I opted for a classic Margherita pizza, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pecorino, and basil. The sauce on this Napoli-style ‘za was sweet, with pops of fresh basil, savoury pecorino, and gooey mozzarella.

Guess there’s a reason Gusto is Italian for “tasty.”

Address: 101 Portland Street
Phone: 416-504-6404

General Assembly

General Assembly/Victoria Bouthillier

I’m just going to come out and say that I’ve never been a fan of pineapple on pizza, but as of this week, I’ve officially been converted.

You see, General Assembly’s Porky Pine pizza is not your average Hawaiian pizza. For one, the pineapple is pureed and doesn’t distract from the thick, smokey bacon slices, or the subtle spice of the jalapeños.

Overall toppings include tomato sauce, grated brick mozzarella, ricotta, double-smoked bacon, jalapeño, onion, and, of course, pineapple. It’s sweet, tangy, spicy, and not quite like any other.

One of the restaurant’s driving principles is bringing people together around quality and accessible food. I’d say they hit the mark.

Address: 331 Adelaide Street W
Phone: 416-583-5571


Since opening its first location in Turin, Italy in 2007, Eataly has expanded massively with over 35 locations in the hopes of bringing the food and culture of Italy to people around the world.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I went for the Salsicciotta Pizza, which was crowned with San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, house-made sweet Italian sausage, and fresh Basil.

Altogether, the flavours were sweet and mapley, enhanced by the texture of the ground sausage and minty basil.

Address: Manulife Centre, 55 Bloor Street W
Phone: 437-374-0250


No pizza list would be complete without mention of this Toronto institution. Terroni is all about simplicity and quality ingredients — the “materia prima” (raw material), as they call it.

Their expansive pizza menu made it tough to narrow it down to just one, but ultimately I landed on Terroni staple C’t Mang; a white pizza topped with mozzarella, gorgonzola, fresh pears, walnuts, smoked prosciutto, and honey.

The saltiness of the prosciutto and crumbly gorgonzola, the sweetness of the honey, and the crunchy, fresh pear slices came together in perfect harmony on a bed of thin dough.

Address: 720 Queen Street W
Phone: 416-504-0320

Address: 57 Adelaide Street E
Phone: 416-203-3093

Address: 1095 Yonge Street
Phone: 416-925-4020

SkipTheDishes offers Canadians an incredible variety of restaurants, wherever and whenever you want them, with more than 3,200 amazing independent restaurant partners in the GTA alone. 

You deserve great delivery — and if you’re on the hunt for Toronto’s best pizza, you can count on finding these local favourites on the app. 

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