Parkdale listing offers up one of the weirdest apartments we've ever seen (PHOTOS)

May 17 2017, 2:15 pm

This Parkdale apartment is pushing boundaries.

Just probably not in the way you’re looking for.

Listed for $895 a month, this Queen and Lansdowne two-room bachelor ‘suite’ really takes advantage of its wording. Namely, that of the two rooms you are renting neither is a bathroom.

The apartment’s description on is as follows:

In fabulous Parkdale! Beautifully renovated third floor two room bachelor suite. TTC at the door. Close to convenience and entertainment. Suits single mature, non smoker, with no pets. Quiet clean and responsible tenant, first and last month, references required. Available June 1st.

First of all, Parkdale is great. It’s a cool neighbourhood that continues to develop into one of the best food/late night destinations in the city while also rebuking gentrification as often as possible. It’s also a place in Toronto that, if you’ve ever been to, you would know the word fabulous does not belong. There is nothing fab-u-lous about Parkdale, and that’s exactly why it’s great.

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Moving on, it’s important to note that the TTC is at your door… but there isn’t a door to your bathroom. Also, despite the decision to make the shower a focal point of entertainment in the apartment, somehow it’s you and not the contractor responsible for this mess who’s going to be the one in need of a reference before being allowed to move into these two rooms of bliss.

No pets either, despite, you know, impending law.

But hey, look on the bright side – if you’re a single (as if that mini-fridge has room for food for two), mature, non-smoking renter who likes to sleep in the kitchen, you could soon have the biggest bathroom in all of Parkdale.

Parkdale apartment

Parkdale apartment

Parkdale apartment

Parkdale apartment

Parkdale apartment