Toronto will no longer be reporting new coronavirus case data daily

Jul 6 2020, 1:53 pm

Toronto will be changing it’s COVID-19 data reporting schedule from daily to three times a week to allow public health to focus on general trends.

On Monday, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa said that the new reporting schedule will align with the City’s COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard.

The new data reporting schedule will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

“While there is some fluctuating occurring in our daily data, at this point in the outbreak it’s more valuable to focus on general trends and patterns,” de Villa said during the press conference.

She added that it will allow the public health team to “dig deeper” into these larger trends and better inform residents actions to reduce virus spread in the city.

However, the public health unit will go back to daily reporting if frequency in new coronavirus numbers change.

When asked about the changing schedule resulting in lack of transparency for the public, de Villa said that what makes more sense at this stage of the pandemic is the general trends instead of the day-to-day fluctuations.

While Toronto Public Health will still be reporting daily numbers to the province, it will allow the team more time to investigate the City’s cases and how to prepare for future activity and a potential second wave.

De Villa added that more data is up through the open data platform, which takes time as well.

“We are continuing to do our very best,” she said.

There will also be individual level non-identifiable case data released later this week on age, gender, hospitalization, date of individuals illness and neighbourhood. It will be published on the city’s open data public platform so the public can see how the virus has impacted Toronto.

“As the city opens up and more interactions occur we will see changes and fluctuations in our dashboard indicators. But we will continue to monitor these indicators and be quick to act,” de Villa said.

The COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard is now yellow as three out of the four categories have that colour status, with one showing green.

On Friday, the City’s overall status moved from green to yellow, as the seven day moving average and number of new outbreaks showed a slight increase.

Toronto Public Health

On Monday, there were 67 new virus infections in Toronto making the total 14,678 with 12, 844 recovered and 1,105 reported deaths.