Toronto neighbourhoods with the most and least COVID-19 cases

Jan 8 2021, 6:39 pm

Some Toronto neighbourhoods have reported over 1,700 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, while others have reported over 52.

In May, Toronto Public Health released an interactive map showing how many COVID-19 cases are reported across neighbourhoods.

It’s important to note that areas with lower rates of coronavirus cases are not safer and do not pose less risk of infection.

“By knowing where those impacted by COVID-19 live, and by assessing other important risk factors, Toronto Public Health is better able to inform preventive actions, identify where proactive testing can be helpful, and take action to reduce virus spread,” the City said when releasing the geographic data.

The top three neighbourhoods with the highest total case count:

  1. Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown: 1,798 cases
  2. Woburn: 1,626 cases
  3. Downsview-Roding-CFB: 1,467 cases

The top three neighbourhoods with the lowest total case count:

  1. Runnymede-Bloor West Village: 52
  2. Playter Estates-Danforth: 60 cases
  3. Kingsway South: 68 cases

Toronto’s COVID-19 cases have been high recently, with the seven-day moving average now at 734, with new hospitalizations at 15.9 and active daily outbreaks in institutions at 72.

Additionally, with 17% of COVID-19 tests returned within 24 hours, the ideal is 60%. With 58% returned in 48 hours, the ideal is 80%.

Toronto Public Health

Due to a reporting data upload catch-up, Toronto Public Health had additional cases on Friday, bringing the total to 1,382.

Toronto has been in a lockdown since November 23, which was extended to January 23 with the province-wide lockdown.

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