Toronto will feel hotter than Death Valley tomorrow

Jun 29 2018, 4:26 pm

Temperatures in Toronto are expected to reach 35ºC this Saturday. With the humidex, it’s going to feel like a scorching 45ºC.

The extreme heat wave will make Toronto feel 11ºC hotter than in Cairo, Egypt or Miami Beach, Florida on Saturday. It’ll even feel 10ºC HOTTER than Honolulu, Hawaii – just miles from where the ground is literally lava right now.

The Next 7 Days in Toronto


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In case you’re wondering Toronto will be technically hotter than the hottest place on earth this Saturday.

Death Valley, California is the record-holder for the hottest air temperature ever recorded, and while the Mojave Desert locale is expecting a high of 45ºC, due to the arid conditions it will actually still feel cooler there – just a balmy 41ºC – than it will here in Toronto.

The next seven days in Death Valley, California

death valley

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Ahead of the Canada Day long weekend, the city has issued an official heat warning advising on ways residents can stay safe and cool.

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