Toronto's historic Great Hall on sale for just over $17 million

Mar 22 2019, 10:08 pm

An iconic and storied Toronto landmark is up for sale, and it can be yours for a cool $17.1 million.

The Great Hall, located at the intersection of Queen and Dovercourt, was originally constructed as a YMCA, the first ever in Toronto, though it was quickly repurposed as an event space, which it remains till this day.

According to a document from the site’s realtor, the building at 1087-1089 Queen Street West was designed by the prominent architectural firm Gordon & Helliwell, “well known for their many distinctive churches and institutional structures across Southern Ontario.”

With 32,598 sq-ft of usable space, the property is designated as an office, but don’t worry, a few creative alterations and it could be adapted for almost anything. With 40-foot-high ceilings and space for up to 1200 people, the possibilities are endless.

Cushman and Wakefield

Built in 1889, the large space inside the building can still be used for games of pick-up basketball (though you’ll have to get your own hoops), a fitting use considering the building’s website says some of the earliest games of the sport ever played took place within.

While the over $17 million price tag might seem like a lot — the property and construction originally cost around $40,000 in the 1800s — it’s all about location. The venue is just a short walk from the Drake Hotel, numerous pubs, and even Ossington Station.

It comes with more than its share of history as well. After serving its time as a YMCA, the Great Hall was sold to the Knights Templar of Temperance in 1912, an organization that promoted alcohol prohibition. Other uses included a First World War child’s clinic, lecture hall, event venue, the offices for a Polish newspaper (that also printed within its walls) and even a shelter for European refugees fleeing Nazi rule.

If you’re looking to invest in a historical property, major event space, or just a convenient place in the west end to shoot some hoops, this is your chance.

… and no, we can’t lend you the money.

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