7 Toronto flights identified with confirmed COVID-19 cases

Dec 9 2020, 1:10 pm

The Canadian government has identified several COVID-19 cases on international and domestic flights to and from Toronto in the last few days.

On December 4, Air India flight AI188 from Toronto to Delhi and Polish Airlines flight LO45 from Warsaw to Toronto confirmed cases onboard.  Neither airline has been able to identify which rows were affected at this time.

flights COVID-19

Government of Canada

The government also identified five more domestic flights to and from Toronto with a confirmed case onboard.

On December 3, Air Canada flight AC123 from Toronto to Vancouver confirmed a COVID-19 case onboard and identified affected rows 18 to 23.

The next day, on December 4, an Air Canada/Jazz flight AC8628 from Saskatoon to Toronto confirmed a positive case on board. They identified affected rows four and 12 to 16.

That same day, another Air Canada/Jazz flight AC8210 from Toronto to Sydney confirmed a positive case and identified affected rows 16 to 20.

On December 4, Air Canada flight AC422 from Toronto to Montreal confirmed a positive COVID-19 case onboard, identifying affected rows four and 12 to 15.

Four days later, on December 8, Air Canada flight AC176 from Edmonton to Toronto confirmed a case on the flight and identified affected rows 12 to 17.

flights covid-19

Government of Canada

“If you have recently returned to Canada, you must quarantine for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada. This is mandatory, whether or not you have symptoms,” the government’s website reads.

For up-to-date information or to see if your flight was affected, visit the Government of Canada’s website.