More coronavirus cases confirmed on flights arriving in Toronto

Aug 6 2020, 11:06 am

A few more flights, both domestic and international, arriving into Toronto have confirmed COVID-19 cases over the last week.

According to the Government of Canada, one domestic flight and one international flight that flew into Toronto Pearson Airport carried confirmed cases of the virus on July 29 and 31.

American Airlines flight AA5079 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Toronto on July 29, uncovered an active coronavirus case, however, the affected rows are unknown.

A domestic flight with WestJet flight number Ws506 from Saskatoon to Toronto, had also been exposed to the virus on July 31.

It is not known which rows have also been affected.

Passengers who take flights at this time are aware of the current risks and those returning into Canada are required to quarantine for 14 days from the day of arrival.

This quarantine is mandatory regardless of whether or not there are symptoms of COVID-19.

Other international flights from New Dehli, Doha, and Philadelphia were found to be carrying the virus after landing in Toronto last week.

Flights within Canada such as Calgary and Thunder Bay arriving and departing from Toronto also found to test for COVID-19 on July 26.

The government website maintains flight information with cases affecting Toronto starting from July 22.

Although Toronto’s cases remain under 20 as of August 5, the fear of an “uptick” within the community is still prominent.

As of August 4, 15,451 cases have been found in Toronto, with 14,015 recoveries and 1,161 deaths.

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