20 flights to and from Toronto identified with confirmed coronavirus cases

Sep 9 2020, 2:29 pm

More cases of COVID-19 have been identified on domestic and international flights to and from Toronto since the end of August.

Twenty more flights were recently listed on the Government of Canada website.

According to the flight log, Aero Mexico flight AM616 from Mexico City to Toronto had a confirmed COVID-19 case on August 30, with affected rows identified as 18 to 24.

Flight AC1255 with Air Canada from Kingston to Toronto on August 31 identified affected rows from 10 to 16 with a confirmed case as well.

Another Air Canada flight, AC879 from Zurich to Toronto on August 31, identified COVID-19 on the flight; however, the affected rows are unknown. Air Canada flight AC43 on September 1 from Delhi to Toronto identified affected rows from 16 to 22 with a confirmed case.

Five more flights on September 2 were also identified through several airlines.

A United Airlines flight UA3458 from Chicago to Toronto on September 2 identified affected rows 9 to 15 with a case. GoJet Airlines DBA United Express flight UA4552 from Chicago to Toronto on the same day identified rows 6 to 12.

Another international flight through Ethiopian Airlines flight ET552 from Addis Ababa to Toronto identified COVID-19 on the flight; however, the affected rows are unknown.

Two more Air Canada flights, AC1255 and AC847 from Kingston to Toronto and Munich to Toronto, identified cases on the same day on affected rows 30 to 36 and 31 to 39, respectively.

On September 3, Egypt Air flight MS995 from Cairo to Toronto identified a confirmed case in rows 26 to 32.

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The Government of Canada

When it comes to domestic flights, more flights from Toronto were identified to have the virus onboard.

Air Canada flight AC123 from Toronto to Vancouver on August 31 also found a confirmed case in rows 31 to 37.

On September 1, a West Jet flight WS709 from Toronto to Vancouver identified a positive case in affected rows 8 to 14.

The same day, another West Jet flight WS579, this time from Montreal to Toronto, also found rows 7 to 13 affected by the virus.

Air Canada flight AC107 on September 1 from Toronto to Vancouver also had identified rows 35 to 41.

On September 2, Flair Air flight F8418 from Toronto to Vancouver identified several affected rows 25 to 31 and the others were unknown. Another Flair Air flight on September 3 from Toronto to Edmonton identified affected rows as 23 to 29.

Two more Air Canada flights, AC122 and AC169 from Vancouver to Toronto and Toronto to Edmonton identified cases on the same day, on affected rows 17 to 23 and 35 to 41, respectively.

Air Canada flight AC107 on September 4 from Vancouver to Toronto also had identified rows 28 to 31.

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The Government of Canada

“If you have recently returned to Canada, you must quarantine for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada. This is mandatory, whether or not you have symptoms,” the government’s website reads.

For up-to-date information or to see if your flight was affected, visit the Government of Canada’s website.

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