A vegan Egyptian restaurant just opened in Toronto

Aug 25 2020, 11:40 am

Toronto just gained a new vegan takeout restaurant, and Egyptian cuisine is on the menu. With bright flavours and authentic spices, Eat Nabati has opened in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Small yet mighty, the Egyptian spot owned by Israa Ali has brought her family recipes and Alexandrian background to the forefront, creating plant-based foods for everyone to enjoy.

The food is full of flavour, as well; they’re bright and bold, encapsulating the truly authentic cuisine.

One-hundred percent plant-based, each menu item gives you options to choose whether you would like a pita, rice and lentils or fries.

You then choose your filling and spice level for the ultimate kick.

Eat Nabati egyptian food

Karen Doradea/Daily Hive

The Cairo Kofta, which means “meatballs” in Egypt, comes with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onions and an array of pickled vegetables. Tahini is also added for that extra shot of flavour.

Pair that option with rice and lentils and you’re set.

Eat Nabati food spot

Karen Doradea/Daily Hive

Mama Shawarma or Baba Shawarma, not sure what to pick? The chicken-style or beef-style filling, stuffed inside a warm pita, combined with hummus, fresh and pickled veggies, either way you can’t go wrong.

This is the perfect on-the-go food if you don’t have time to sit and soak in the sun in their mini patio.

eat nabati food

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Next up is the Za’atar Cauliflower dish. It comes with fried cauliflower tossed in a cumin and Za’atar marinade, along with scallions, tomato and cabbage, as well as beet tahini.

The bright pink colour will catch your eye. The taste is just as good as it looks.

egyptian falafel

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The Egyptian Falafel has the perfect crunch on the outside and soft goodness in the inside. It comes with all of the veggies and a selection of sauces, with a range of mild to hot.

Drizzle them on top or go for a dip, it’s just too good.

Egyptian food

Karen Doradea/Daily Hive

Why not top it off with dessert? The Mango Kunafa is a refreshing and satisfying dessert that’ll make you come back for more.

Toronto’s first 100% plant-based Egyptian Restaurant, Eat Nabati is for everyone wanting to try something new or take their taste buds through a cultural experience.

egyptian food sign

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Eat Nabati

Address: 160 Baldwin Street

Hours: Monday 12 pm to 6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm

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