6 Toronto blockchain companies you should be paying attention to

Mar 15 2018, 8:55 pm

The technology industry continues to build towards a powerful, trust-less and frictionless future on the strength of blockchain technologies. Canada (as usual) is playing a huge role in pioneering the advancement of that future, and much like our 6 Vancouver Blockchain Companies list, Toronto is home to many ground-breaking groups.

Note: this is not a definitive list of blockchain companies. Merely a sampling of companies that are currently making waves.

The intelligent decentralization of many global processes is an inevitability at this point. And we’re feisty as ever up here, north of the 49th.

We the North!

As the Raptors once coined, it’s “Toronto vs. Everybody”, and much like the renaissance of Canadian basketball, technology companies here seem subject to less attention than elsewhere. This only helps build the ever-growing list of successes from our country. With less attention, comes a freedom to disrupt more, to be different.

While we continue to rise up and catch leagues of all kinds off-guard, we can take pride in knowing that Canada is at the head of the pack revolutionizing blockchain. Even if it is quietly, from the shadows. Here are a handful of awesome companies from Toronto that are working in the blockchain space, that deserve your attention.


Home of the first two-way Bitcoin ATM, Decentral prides itself on being an innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies. Some of the biggest blockchain products to hit the global market in the last few years came out of Decentral in Toronto – including the Ethereum Network (on this list), and Jaxx.io.

As the technology industry tries to keep pace with crypto and blockchain knowledge, we’re going to need more groups like Decentral. Collectives, with the tools and understanding, that can help foster a brighter future in blockchain technology. It serves – ironically – as a centralized space, for the support and construction of projects backed by experts. Decentral is fundamental in today’s industry and what better place to have it than Toronto.

Blockchain Mind

As both individuals and companies are developing blockchain or crypto-based businesses, infrastructure and security are important aspects to focus on. Much like boutique assistance in any field of expertise, Blockchain Mind is a one-stop shop for any development needs using blockchain technology.

From security and infrastructure to full-blown blockchain applications, Blockchain Mind is helping launch start-ups, and grow the portfolio of large companies that are missing blockchain experts. BM boasts an extremely quick response rate, and a “you” focused approach to working on projects. In addition to the hands-on development of products, Blockchain Mind also offers consultation and personalized training for blockchain developers –  extremely useful in this ever-evolving landscape.

Ethereum Network

ETH (the cryptocurrency) might be on the tip of all tongues these days, but many don’t truly understand what makes this currency so powerful. The Ethereum Network is a blockchain network that uses its proprietary coin to run smart-contracts, and it has successfully taken the blockchain and cryptocurrency relationship to the next level.

Build by the Ethereum Foundation, and funded by an ETH presale, this network is some of the sharpest, and fundamental infrastructure in blockchain today. The network also boasts one of the strongest wallet systems in the game right now, and the ability to learn solidity (the code language) and launch your own token powered by the Ethereum Network. If you’re thinking about branching into the world of blockchain technology, the Ethereum Network is the strongest and most viable option for your platform right now.

Syscoin / Blockmarket

One of the biggest barriers from entry into the cryptocurrency market is simply that these virtual currencies are not widely accepted as a form of payments. We hear excitement when common businesses adopt crypto-based payment options, but the need for FIATs still remain.

As part of their Blockchain Foundry, Blockmarket opens the world of online retail to a large, and endless avenue – all powered by their lean “Bitcoin-like” currency Syscoin. Retailers can sell nearly any goods or crafts on Blockmarket, putting together online portals like Amazon, Etsy, and more into one streamlined experience. Blockmarket also offers a powerful syscoin-based wallet with financial reporting for consumers and retailers.

Canadian Blockchain Research Institute 

Blockchain technology is used primarily in conjunction with cryptocurrencies – though these paths may diverge from one another more in the future. With the sudden rise of Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrencies, governments are becoming more aware.

To aid them is the BRI, a research group with offices in Zurich, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, and now Toronto.

Studying the impact of blockchain technology on business, government, and society; the Blockchain Research Institute is conducting over 70 projects dedicated to exploring, understanding, documenting, and informing. The BRI is aiming to provide a more informed future for blockchain technology, and the transformation of industries like financial service, energy, healthcare, and media. The BRI’s multi-million-dollar research is funded by its members; including SAP, CIBC, BELL, IBM, and more.


Much like the extensively important hub that is Decentral, CryptoChicks is an educational hub with the mission of achieving gender balance in the world of blockchain development. Though their classes are open for everyone to attend, CryptoChicks focuses on the education of women because “we believe that women’s involvement will help blockchain realize its enormous potential.”

CryptoChicks is home to workshops and classes for female investors, entrepreneurs, and much more. They’ve even developed an “Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” to ease the learning curve for fresh arrivals in technology that might be interested in making the move over to the blockchain world. Ensuring that women in the industry get the education needed for this technology is essential, but most importantly, CryptoChicks is a community.

In less than a month, CryptoChicks will be hosting a conference and hack-a-thon in Toronto


Toronto is a fantastic city, and the wealth of technological knowledge within it will ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry for decades to come.

Canada will grow and do amazing things, spotlight or not. So, if you know of a company, or start-up working with blockchain technology that didn’t make the list, let us know!

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