An exhibit by one of the world’s most legendary living artists is coming to Toronto

May 11 2018, 7:55 pm

Ai Weiwei, one of the world’s most influential living artists and human rights activists, is bringing a collection of his ceramic works to Toronto’s Gardiner Museum in 2019.

Called Unbroken, the exhibit will present an array of Ai’s ceramic works while highlighting “urgent global issues.”

The exhibit will feature a number of significant early ceramic works from Ai’s career including Colored Pots (2006), Oil Spills (2006), Sunflower Seeds (2008 – 2010), and Han Dynasty Urn with Coca Cola Logo (2015).

This will be the first time that many of Ai’s works will appear in Toronto.

One of the pieces to look forward to is Sunflower Seeds, which is one of Ai’s most celebrated pieces. It’s made up of millions of hand-crafted porcelain seeds that portray the mass production techniques that China caters to Western Countries.


Lerner Vadim/Shutterstock

Weiwei is regarded as one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists and his sculptures, photographs, installations, and public artworks often repurpose traditional Chinese forms and materials to address today’s most pressing social concerns.

While little details have been released on the actual exhibit, Unbroken is scheduled to take place next February at the Gardiner Museum.

Ai Weiwei: Unbroken

When: February 2019
Time: TBA
Where: Gardiner Museum, 111 Queens Park
Price: TBA

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