TDSB to add new gender options to student registration forms

Sep 21 2020, 8:26 pm

As the new school year commences, the Toronto District School Board school will now include more gender options to student registration forms.

According to the school board, as part of their commitment to “equity, human rights, and inclusions”, students will now be able to choose their gender on the new forms.

Students will now be able to chose from Prefer Not to Disclose and Prefer to Specify, in addition to Female and Male options.

“If Prefer to Specify is chosen, students are invited to write their chosen gender identity in the free form field. In one of our online registration applications however, a dropdown list is a temporary solution and, in the coming months, will be replaced by the free form field as well,” said the TDSB.

“Students will be able to update their gender identity, if they choose, through the paper-based, annual student verification process. A form is sent home typically at the end of September and the gender can be updated by crossing out the existing gender and adding a new gender of F, M, N or S.”

This is just one of the many changes TDSB has made in order to make their student experience more inclusive and their health in mind.

The school board has introduced options for students to choose between online and in-person learning at various points throughout the year.

According to the school board, collecting gender information is a mandatory part of their student registration and is only visible to Principals, school office staff, and guidance counsellors.

They will be able to access the gender identity information for students who chose “Prefer to Specify”.

Karen DoradeaKaren Doradea

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