Summer-like weather expected as Friday's high will feel nearly 30ºC in Toronto

Oct 22 2020, 8:04 am

The heat is not gone for good just yet – with temperatures rising up to what is predicted to feel like nearly 30ºC in Toronto this weekend.

According to The Weather Network, this Friday, southern Ontario will be experiencing daytime highs above 20°C in most of the south, feeling like the mid-20s with humidity, likely for the last time this year.

The seven-day forecast shows a high of 24°C in Toronto, with a “feels like” temperature of 27°C on Friday.

That will swing drastically by Saturday, when the high will reach 9°C, feeling more like 6°C… a whole 21°C difference from Friday.

The rest of the weekend will remain colder, heading into a typical fall week in Toronto.

The Weather Network

“While we can’t rule out a 20° day during November, most likely this will be the final time that we reach 20°C during 2020,” said The Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

In contrast, other parts of Ontario will be faced with much cooler temperatures that same Friday afternoon, as the result of cold winds coming from the north.

The Weather Network

Colder than average seasonal temperatures will take over southern Ontario through the end of next week, and will continue into the beginning of next month, with milder than average temperatures appearing in mid-November.

“Much milder weather to our west is expected to slowly spread into our region later in the week and we are watching the potential for a stretch of above seasonal temperatures heading into the second week of November,” said Gillham.

“Of course, seasonal temperatures by that time are cooler so it is unlikely that we will see 20°C again.”

Enjoy Friday’s weather while it lasts.