Montreal's St-Viateur Bagel is offering delivery to Toronto

Apr 27 2020, 1:42 pm

If there’s ever been a time to stockpile carbs, it’s now.

And if there’s ever been a carb to stock up on, it’s Montreal bagels.

If this very specific form of carb-loading resonates with you, word of St-Viateur Bagel’s delivery to Toronto is sure to sound like music to your ears.

The purveyor of world-famous Montreal bagels is indeed offering delivery, Canada-wide, on its fresh and doughy rounds. You can shop the selection online, where options range from plain, poppy, and sesame to cinnamon-raisin, rosemary-sea salt, and all dressed.

Because the spot knows more bagels is better than fewer, order quantities begin at two dozen and go up to four, six, and nine. So, yes, you can order 108 bagels at one time.

Shipping tacks an additional $18 onto the price of your order, which is… not terribly cheap, but is less than a train ticket to the French metropolis.


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If the inability to hop the VIA en route to take in all of the carbs fran├žais has been hurting you, we feel. While this isn’t exactly a trip to Montreal, it’s not a far cry, either.