Snow bears have been appearing all over a trail in Ontario (PHOTOS)

Feb 9 2023, 3:58 pm

Winter walks are already a great way to improve your mood and get some exercise, but one trail in Ottawa is embracing the season and spreading joy with the addition of adorable snow bears.

Located on the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail near Westboro, these snow bears have reappeared each winter for several years, scattered through the trees along the wooded path.

Kichi Sibi Snow Bear

The snow bears have been spreading joy along the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail for several years, created by local resident and artist Maggie Glossop.

The bears are created by a local resident and artist Maggie Glossop, who started the tradition five years ago with her brother Peter, one of the trail’s caretakers.

Kichi Sibi Snow Bear

Finding the bears is like a fun scavenger hunt, with most of them built in the trees along the wooded path.

Initially, she started building the snow bears to add something fun to see for visitors exploring the path. When COVID hit, she started creating more and more bears to bring a bit of happiness to people dealing with a difficult time.

Kichi Sibi Snow Bear

Creating the snow bears heavily depends on conditions of the snow.

Now, the bears have exploded in popularity, with visitors coming to the trail specifically to find them. Creating the snow bears depends on conditions, but Maggie has built around 20 or so you can try to find on the trail. She encourages anyone to join in and add to the collection.

The welcoming committee of snow bears along the Kitchisippi Woods trail.

You’ll find most of the bears in the Kitchisippi Woods part of the trail, though there are others on the Kichi Sibi Trail to find. The trail is a multi-use trail, which you can cross-country ski, snowshoe, or walk on.

With 20 or so snow bears to find, see how many you can spot along the trail.

If you visit, try to see how many snow bears you can find, and maybe build one of your own.

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