You can smash stuff at this boozy mini golf pop-up coming to Toronto

Jul 24 2019, 6:34 pm

There’s a new mini golf pop-up experience coming to Toronto, and it’s safe to say it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

On January 31, 2020, Smash Room Golf, which is the ultimate extreme golf experience, will pop up in the city.

And the space is giving Torontonians the chance to blow off some steam as they break things while they play.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to smash a vase or a TV with a golf club, then this is the perfect event for you.

According to organizers, one hole has 12 vases and the aim is to break as many as you can with four shots. A different hole involves having to break a TV, while another is set on fire and you have to try to get a hole in one.

Smash Room Golf

The pop-up will also include the Smash Room Golf Cup, which gives people the chance to compete, drink, and have fun while playing golf and smashing up stuff with each hole.

The player with the best score in Toronto will then have the chance to compete in Las Vegas next March in the Smash Room Golf Cup Final.

Just make sure to sign up to attend this unique event because only 500 participants are allowed per event.

Smash Room Golf Pop-Up

When: November 8
Where: Location TBA
Tickets: Sign up here