Why these reusable sanitary pads are the new period phenomenon

May 31 2017, 10:54 pm

Chances are that you started buying disposable pads or tampons since hitting adolescence.

But because this has been the norm, you probably haven’t thought much about other options since you’re so used to the same routine every month.

But now that can change.

Organic, reusable clothpads are hot on the market right now and they’re a great alternative to disposable pads. In fact, they’re completely sanitary, easy to use, and better for your health since they’re chemical-free.

Daily Hive teamed up with Hannahpad to highlight the benefits of choosing a reusable clothpad over a one-use sanitary pad.

They’re organic

Hannahpads are made from natural, unbleached, and non-dyed organic cotton in South Korea before they’re shipped to Canada and the US. And, the organic pads are all certified by Control Union before hitting the market.

Better for your health

If you have skin or health issues using the normal disposable pads then making the switch could be worthwhile as you’ll feel the difference with a natural clothpad.

Disposable pads contain chemicals and irritating synthetics that are harmful to the body. These can be easily absorbed by the body through the vulva since it’s one of the most sensitive areas. The high quality plastic snaps on the pads also help minimize any possible allergic reaction, too. Many disposable pad companies don’t disclose the ingredients that make up their products, but with Hannahpad, everything is transparent. It’s simply organic cotton and TPU. That’s it.

Maximum protection

The inside coating of the outer layer (where the pretty  patterns are) is made of high quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting water. This means you can enjoy leak proof protection and breathability whenever you’re wearing Hannahpads.

Multiple use

You don’t only have to use a Hannahpad when you’re menstruating. You can pop one on daily discharge, or light bladder leakage, too. And if you’re using a menstrual cup, Hannahpads can be your perfect backup.


On average, one female throws away roughly 16,000 disposable pads and tampons in her lifetime. And now, you can help reduce that volume by making the change to reusable, 100% recyclable clothpads.

Helps you understand your body

The routine of using a clothpad helps you to understand your body better. It allows you to become more aware of your health by observing your discharge as you wash the pads, as opposed to rolling up of disposable pads and throwing them away.


Buying organic clothpads allows you to save money and time instead of dashing to the store every month to buy something you’ll throw away after a few hours. Hannahpads even last for years before you need to throw them into the compost bin.

Easy to use

Reusable pads are both easy to wash and easy to use. To clean them you just have to follow the simple instructions; rinse, soak, and wash them. No machine washing is required, but you can if you wish. Another bonus point is that the cloth pads don’t cause any odours while disposable pads do.

Pretty designs

Another feature of Hannahpads that you’ll love are the cute patterns and designs upon the outside of the liners. You get to choose your favourite when ordering online. Oh, and the compact recyclable boxes they come in are a great storage option too.

For more information about Hannahpad and how you can make the change over to reusable organic cotton pads, visit the brand online.

To get the latest product updates and to stay in the know, visit Hannahpad on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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