You can get return flights to Vegas for a fraction of what an iPhone costs

Aug 8 2018, 6:13 pm

Let’s do some math.

The current starting retail price for an iPhone X via the Apple Store Canada is $1,319. It’s a lot of money when you think about the fact that you’re probably going to drop it several times, and you’ll just want to scrap it for an upgrade when the new version is released. We get it.

But the reality is that instead of buying a brand new iPhone X, you could be out there living your best life and fulfilling your wanderlust desires – in Las Vegas. Or Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, or Montego Bay.

(But we’re most excited about hitting up Vegas.)

Swoop — the new ultra-low-cost airline affiliated with WestJet — is running some awesome deals on flights right now. They’re so good that you can actually get return flights from Hamilton to Las Vegas for a total of $234.60, one-fifth (5.6 to be exact) of the cost of an iPhone X.

We’re not kidding.

These prices are based on the time of writing, departing from Hamilton on November 26 ($119) and returning from Las Vegas on November 29 ($115.60).

Located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, Vegas gets hot weather year-round and that means you could be soaking up the sunshine there in October when it’s pouring rain in Vancouver.

So if you can resist the lure of a new phone for a hot minute, you’ll get memories that will last a lifetime instead. (And then you can get a phone later.)


And if you want to make your flights with Swoop feel that little bit more VIP in Vegas style, you can add seat selection, priority boarding for $10.50, extra legroom seats (prices vary), or some WiFi.

Pro tip: If you opt for seat selection and purchase an emergency exit row seat, you automatically get priority boarding free because emergency exit row travellers always board first. You’re welcome.

Visit Swoop now to browse even more deals on flights to Las Vegas and a host of other locations.

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