You can release your inner race car driver at this track near Toronto

Jun 3 2018, 9:58 pm

You don’t know how to drive.

Not really drive, anyway.

That’s both the first – and last – thing you learn.

No matter how many car chase scenes you’ve watched or how many times you’ve been to the Honda Indy – it’s a hell of a lot different when you actually get behind the wheel of legitimate sports car with 450 hp behind you… and nothing but open track in front of you.

Thankfully the Porsche Experience is here – and it’s just an hour outside of Toronto.


Daily Hive

For a full weekend, you and your friends can get to the know the ins and outs of a few different Porsche models, take them through the paces, learn how they handle, how to push them, and how to rip around a track in a $100k racing machine.

Not a bad way to spend 48 hours.

The crew of Porsche Certified Instructors you’ll be hanging out with are professional, fun, and encouraging. They already know how amazing it is to push these cars to their limit, and they want you to know too. Their enthusiasm for the product and the experience is there from the minute they begin leading you through a basic physics lesson to the last lap they take you on the end of the day.


Daily Hive

Of course, as nice as the instructors are, this weekend is really all about being with the cars – thankfully, you’ll have ample time behind the wheel.

From learning how to handle the Cayman GTS through a slalom course to spinning sideways in a drifting lesson in a screaming yellow 911 on special wheels, you’ll get to experience everything these cars have to offer.

And that’s before you even hit the track.


Daily Hive

Following one of Porsche’s certified instructors around the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Driver Development Track while they coach you through each turn and angle via walkie-talkie, you’ll spend hours figuring out how to handle, brake, and accelerate at a level you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re serious about your love of driving, getting behind the wheel of a sports car on an open track is a bucket-list item you simply can’t afford to leave off.

No stop signs, no distracted drivers, no traffic jams – just you, 420 hp, and all the living driving on the edge you handle.

Your full weekend will include:

  • Off-road experience
  • Correct seating position, steering and vision control
  • Effective braking
  • Basic principles of the racing line
  • Load-changing scenarios
  • Oversteer and understeer
  • Efficient use of all ESC systems
  • Guided drives with driving style assessment

While many of us will never be able to afford to drive a Porsche off the track, that’s no reason we can’t take it for all it’s worth on the track.

See you in our rearview mirror.

Porsche Track Experience


Daily Hive

August 30-31
September 1-2
September 27-28

Price per driver: $2,795

Daily Hive’s day at the track was provided by Porsche Canada. All views expressed are those of the author.

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