4 reasons it's time for you to switch to plant-based protein

Jun 14 2019, 11:59 pm

Maybe you want to help the environment, or maybe you’re cutting back on meat because you’re passionate about animal welfare.

Well, whatever the reason, we commend you. Opting out of eating meat is becoming more and more common these days. But when you reduce meat in your diet, getting enough protein is important — and that’s where plant-based proteins come into play.

It’s true. Every meal should include some form of protein as it helps you feel fuller for longer (which can help prevent overeating), provides you with much-needed energy, and also helps maintain and build muscle (even if you aren’t a gym junkie).

Luckily, there are so many sources of plant-based proteins on the market, some that will convert even the most hardcore meat-lovers. Gardein, a product-line of meatless foods, offers a 100% plant-based protein that delivers unbelievable taste and texture. Not only that, but it’s cholesterol free with less saturated fat. Gardein also offers a product line that is nutritionally equivalent to meat.

Here’s what you should know about making the switch to plant-based protein.

It’s lower in saturated fat

Meat, dairy, and eggs (all forms of protein that are not plant-based), are rich in saturated fats, which may lead to high cholesterol and contribute to clogged arteries. And this could lead to suffering from heart disease in future years. Plant-based proteins are free of cholesterol and Gardein products are also low in saturated fat and trans fats.

It’s easier on the stomach

If you’ve ever felt bloated, gassy, or experienced indigestion after having a hefty, meaty meal, it may be because your body doesn’t digest meat well.

While it doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone, meat doesn’t always agree with all body types and metabolisms. Gardein may be easier to digest for some people plus it is free of cholesterol and most of them are free of trans fats!

The best part is, Gardein is passionate about helping Canadians eat less meat. So, if you still want to enjoy the taste of your favourite foods, they offer delicious meatless chick’n tenders, meatless meatballs, and more.

It’s better for the environment

This is one of the most common reasons why people opt out of eating meat — whether altogether or eating it less often. Every single day, there are countless numbers of animals and resources being exploited to sustain animal products.

Plant-based proteins have zero to do with exploiting animals, so you can feel good about eating cruelty-free.

One step at a time, we can help better protect the environment, and switching to plant-based protein is one of them. Gardein’s meatless products are completely vegan made of soy and wheat, and most are a good source of Iron and vitamin B12.

It’s free of the growth hormones and antibiotics found in animal proteins

A lot of modern meat production use antibiotics and beef may also use growth hormones — and although you can definitely find meat raised without the use of antibiotics and added hormones, plant-based proteins are the best option if you want to avoid this altogether.

Gardein’s meatless products are made with certified non-GMO ingredients, so you can enjoy endless possibilities of delicious, meat-free meals. Besides, you won’t even notice the difference! (Meat-lovers, give it a try. You’ll see.)

You can find Garden’s products at most major grocery stores, or browse their product range at Gardein.com.

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