All the photos from the Gilmore Girls Toronto pop-up that will make you regret not going

Oct 5 2016, 9:32 pm

On Monday, we told you this was your chance to live out your Gilmore Girls fantasy right here in Toronto.

That’s because four cafes throughout the city today were putting on Luke’s Diner pop-ups so you could get your caffeine kick just like Rory and Lorelai.

Sponsored by Netflix in honour of the streaming service’s upcoming November four-episode re-boot of the cult classic series, Toronto cafes, The Rolling Pin, Infuse and Milano Espresso Bar were among the several Luke’s Diner stand-ins in Canada and US.

In fact, the real Luke even showed up at one of the cafes in the US:

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And while things didn’t reach quite that level of reality up here in Toronto, the lineups and photos from the event certainly prove that Gilmore Girls has far more lasting power than a pop-up shop.

Check out all photos from the Luke’s Diner Gilmore Girls Toronto pop-ups that will make you regret you didn’t pick up your morning coffee there today:

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