This FREE digital cookbook is filled with Toronto chefs' home recipes

Apr 7 2020, 11:15 am

More time at home means, for many, more time in the kitchen. And for those who are looking to make the very best of the ingredients that are on-hand, this new tool is a treat.

Chefs from across Toronto have come together (figuratively) to curate a digital cookbook for the masses, filled with meals designed to be made at home.

The dishes in the virtual pages are simple — one recipe is titled Jesse’s No Knead, No Skill Needed Square Pie With Bacon, for instance.

And they look devilishly good.

Open Source Recipes

Some options — including the former, submitted by Jesse Fader, chef and owner of Paris Paris, Superpoint, Favorites, and Woodhouse Brewery — are perfectly hearty, serving as the ideal comfort food to combine with Netflix and wine before taking a long spring’s nap.

Open Source Recipes

Chicken-fried steak, served in sandwich format, made spicy, would also fit the bill for one of those ultra-comforting meals.

If you would prefer to get some use out of those greens in the fridge before they start to turn — and you should probably eat a vegetable, anyway — Nick’s Grandma’s Preserved Greens will cover all your bases.

The recipe is complete with pork belly, but what’s nice about greens is that you can pair them with whatever you’ve got on hand. Even a can of tuna fares well.

Open Source Recipes

If you have flour and water, you can make pasta.

The act of pasta-making is one so many will say they usually don’t have time for. Perhaps now is the opportunity to seize the day.

This recipe could be followed in full, served with a sauce of vegetables, or simply plated with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and — if you’re so lucky — parmesan.

Open Source Recipes

What’s wonderful about a cookbook like this, and any cookbook, really, is that you can stick to the plan on the page, or you can divert from the rules and play with what you already have in your kitchen.

Now more than ever is the time to look at the back of the pantry and find some use for that tin of sardines, that buckwheat flour, and the can of tomatoes.

This book is a great resource to reference while tapping into that kitchen creativity.