Ontario's top doctor says social circles could be expanded

Aug 25 2020, 9:48 am

Ontario’s top doctor said that the province is considering expanding social circles.

On Monday, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said that he is working with the Ontario’s Public Health Measures Table to determine if larger social circles would be a safe option while trying to contain COVID-19.

“My senses are probably going to the latter,” Williams said during the press conference. “That means, if you’ve been good at monitoring your one circle, how can you do with two, three, four or five circles?”

Currently, people can have one social circle, which is capped at 10 people.

When asked about residents not sticking to the maximum allowable amount to be in close contact with, Williams said that Ontarians have mainly stayed within their social circles but also said that “doing whatever you want” can cause outbreaks at large events like backyard gatherings or parties.

While the chief medical officer noted that residents see the benefits of limiting social circles, it is a model that can change.

“I think if we can endorse that as a model or a program, that would be stronger, so I’m asking our measures table to come forward with some recommendations in that context,” he said.

On Tuesday, the province reported 100 new coronavirus cases, marking the fifth day in a row cases have been at 100 or more.

Social circles were first introduced in mid-June to allow close contact like hugging and kissing with loved ones.

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