Ontario schools report 139 new COVID-19 cases, 10 closures

Dec 10 2020, 7:53 am

The Government of Ontario reports 139 new COVID-19 cases in schools on Thursday morning and a total of 10 closures.

According to the provincial government, 111 cases reported today are student-related, and 28 are staff-related.

The new total has now reached 6,059 since back to school.

There have been 1,659 school-related cases in just two weeks, with 4,400 reported 14 or more days before that.

The numbers are announced daily at 10:30 am on the province’s school and childcare centre coronavirus-tracking website.

schools COVID-19

Government of Ontario

Out of the total cases recorded since September, about 67% have been from students.

The province now reports 10 school closures out of the 878 schools that have cases.

schools covid-19

Government of Ontario

As for licensed childcare centres, there are now 1,017 total confirmed cases with 160 centres and 477 homes closed.

school covid-19

Government of Ontario

On Wednesday, an outbreak was declared at a Toronto high school after 14 students tested positive for the virus.

Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute is now closed until December 18 to allow Toronto Public Health to conduct their investigation. With the winter break, students will not return to classes until January 4, 2021.

The provincial government reported 1,983 new coronavirus cases on Thursday morning, marking the highest case count since the pandemic began.

Thursday’s numbers increase from Wednesday’s 1,890, Tuesday’s 1,676, Monday’s 1,925 (the previous record-high), and Sunday’s 1,924.