Ontario mental health staff offer free therapy to coronavirus frontline workers

Mar 26 2020, 1:37 pm

While navigating the COVID-19 pandemic is stressful for everyone, it impacts frontline healthcare workers on a different level.

In order to support these heroes, Ontario-based mental health workers have come together to provide free therapy services to healthcare providers addressing the coronavirus across the province.

“As the COVID-19 virus pandemic spreads so will the toll on Ontarians providing frontline healthcare: doctors, nurses, nursing aides, paramedics, and so on. It has become evident that this population lacks adequate emotional and mental support, and can feel isolated and stigmatized for their contact with those who have been infected,” reads the covid19therapists.com website.

“Our goal is to help these workers feel connected, supported, and to provide one-on-one no-fee therapy for those who need it.”

Via the site, frontline healthcare workers can request support through teletherapy. Licensed therapists can also visit the site to register as a volunteer, in order to offer services pro bono.

All sessions take place remotely in conjunction with electronic teletherapy guidelines.

As of Thursday morning, 439 licensed therapists had already volunteered to provide services.

Kayla GladyszKayla Gladysz

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